Who is Stella Agency?

We offer professionals for your event or organisation

Stella Agency has been providing its customers with enthusiastic and skilled professionals for many years. It is our task to ensure that we appoint good people and train them in our own Stella Academy. This training, work experience and ongoing training enable us to offer top level staff.

Our hostesses and hosts can deploy rapidly and flexibly, they know what they’re doing and can work autonomously with the minimum of instruction, have organizational talent and are friendly and welcoming. These are just the basic criteria that our people must meet. We monitor our people’s quality and skills to make sure that we provide an optimum match for your requirements. Whether that’s for a day or for several weeks. Whatever you need, we can supply it.

Our mission
Stella Agency’s mission is to provide its clients with flexible solutions in which hospitality is central. This means we provide a full A to Z service, dotting every single i and crossing every single t.
We are a skilled partner and supplier of reliable, service-oriented and cooperative professionals. We stand for integrity, loyalty and respect and aim for a balanced and long-term partnership in everything we do.

‘With each other’ and ‘for each other’ is the Stella Agency credo. Loyalty is central to this. This means that, in our relations with everyone with whom we work; clients, our professionals and each other, we always work together 100% to exceed expectations. We realise this by always supporting each other, taking work off each other’s hands and clearly managing expectations. As we learn from each other, think with each other and develop in a controlled way, with us you are never just a number. By connecting with us, you can always count on us, and nothing is too much!

We aim to meet expectations
We are always keen to come into contact with interested companies and organizations as well as with new enthusiastic colleagues. With great new clients and good new people, we can continue to grow and realise our expectations.

Our hostess services:

Did you know...

90% of our hostesses have an applied university or university level of education.

We exclusively work with hostesses with at least 2 years of relevant working experience.

We use the Match & GO system, to anticipate the desires and wishes of our clients.

All our personnel is trained by an experience professional.

We are available 24/7 for our clients and employees.