Stella Academy

Hospitality with that bit extra

What makes a Stella Agency hostess or host so special? As well as being professional, competent, presentable and stylish, the ‘training’ aspect is also an important element. This training was developed by Stella Agency and meets all the requirements expected when training a good and service-oriented employee who has that little bit extra.

The hospitality training satisfies all codes of conduct that are imposed by our clients. This includes: attitude, tone, appearance and conduct. Norms are also imposed by Stella Agency: professional manners, loyalty, reliability and spontaneity.

All professionals connected to Stella Agency must follow a training course that was developed in accordance with the above set requirements. We consider ongoing education to be an important component of the hospitality sector.

This training comprises the following aspects:

Stella Agency’s goal in this respect is equivalent to the goal of the companies for which we work. We offer our staff the best possible foundation, which results in the best ambassadorship for us as well as for our clients.


Attentive towards the client and guests – Making efforts to think with clients – Being helpful – Active attitude – Supportive cooperation – Service-minded approach – Attentive listening and reflecting – Dynamic service-oriented and enthusiastic approach – Oriented towards a well-groomed appearance – Result-oriented approach.