Food & Drink

Bring prestige to your event!

No event is complete without an appetizer and a drink. Whether this concerns a trade fair or congress, or a more relaxed product presentation or show, it’s always nice to be able to offer your guests and visitors a delicious appetizer and a drink. When people are enjoying this they can talk together more informally, which often creates good networks and friendships and possibly also new customers and suppliers. We can provide food and drink in an attractive way, of course served by our enthusiastic hostesses and hosts.

Champagne tray girl


Champagne girl

Pop the cork!

Wine Girl

Always right on time!

Coffee girl

Energy boost!

Spanish ham experience


Cheese girl


Fruit girl

Healthy and fun!

Candy girl

Sweet and nice!

Foodtray girl

For the tasty appetite!

Syrup waffle girl

Sweet as honey!

Would you like your food served in an attractive way at your event?